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About PLUX


I'm Jay Kaslo, and I am a 

My background is a rather peculiar blend (1st generation Indian American / military brat / preacher’s kid / christian turned agnostic / introvert with extroverted tendencies / self-taught artist/designer with an engineering degree).  With this life-long oxymoronic array of experiences and traits, I have learned the key to happiness is figuring out who you are and what path you want to take in life.  As for who I am and what my path is, I am a creative soul and the path before me at the end of 2013 was to form PLUX.

As a child I used to draw soccer logos and arrange them into intricate collages.  I used to spend hours alone in my room drawing jets and orchestrating their attack of a ground base via color pencil strokes and mouth-based sound effects.  With a VCR and a dual-cassette boombox I used to replace the cuss words in Snoop’s “Doggy Style” album with sound bytes from Aladdin so that I could listen at home without getting in trouble. Yes, before I even knew what the term “multi-disciplinary designer” meant, I was one.

Fast forwarding through 15 years of working as both a hired gun at agencies like R/GA and Wieden & Kennedy and as an independent designer working for clients like The New York Times, BET, and Gilt Groupe… and here we are in 2016.  I have founded PLUX as a company where pure, unadulterated creativity reigns supreme.

So I invite you to browse around the PLUX store… take your time and enjoy yourself.  Hopefully you find something amusing or inspiring to look at, and if you’d like to own a finely designed PLUX product that brings you a little happiness each day, even better! :)

And if you are a fellow creative soul who’s longing to break out of the corporate/agency grind and find a platform for your inner creative child, shoot an email to connect@plux.co.  I'm all about collaboration and enabling creative pursuits, so let’s chat.